A new update is available for Midrub Inbox. From 30 april 2019 the permission read_page_mailboxes is deprecated and can’t be requested. You can use it with Midrub Inbox until the end of this year. In the new Midrub Inbox version i’ve adapted it to get the pages_messaging permission requested by Midrub Inbox.

The Android app is finally ready, i will do some improvements in this week and you can use it. I can provide it by email. In the next month i will develop even for iOS. You can read about the Midrub Android app here http://blog.midrub.com/midrub-android-app/ The Midrub’s Api is ready too and you can now use it as described here http://blog.midrub.com/midrub-api-documentation/ Last improvements: Now you can translate the Schedules Calendar your language. To translate the calendar, please copy the url with the language you want from here https://cdnjs.com/libraries/fullcalendar. And in your new application/apps/collection/posts/language/english/posts_user_lang.php add this language key $lang[“calendar_language”] with the copied url. In Admin -> Settings -> Users -> Remove IP restriction for new users if is enabled, users will be able to[…]

The Midrub’s Api follows the OAuth 2.0 rules but isn’t based on external libraries. To use the Midrub’s api, you have to create a new application in Admin -> Settings -> Apps(Api Section). Each Api Application should have a name, other fields like Application Redirect Url, Cancel Redirect Url and Application’s permissions are optionally. You have to add redirect url and cancel url only if you’re using the Midrub’s api to create an application where user should approve the permissons of your application. If the application is based on username/password login, redirect url isn’t required. The field Application’s permissions allows you to select by default which permissions will be able to use the users. In the screenshot above you can[…]

Midrub Android App is a simple Android app. It allows Instagram video/photo sharing in Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories. Until the end of this week will allow even Whatsapp posting. And i hope even Snapchat will be possible. With this app you will get alerts when a photo/video should be shared on Instagram. It runs in background and it is based on Midrub Api. In the History tab you will see the last published scheduled/drafted/posts in real time. With this app you can even create posts. You can take a photo, select one or more accounts, enter a message. Then you can publish or schedule the post. If a post has many Instagram accounts, in the Queue tab will be[…]

The Beta 7 is an urgent update which was released only for Pixabay. If Pixabay search doesn’t work, just get this update from admin and will work after.

In this beta version was added the Boost post option in the Posts app. This option can be enabled from Midrub Ads Manager if you have the last version. In the history tab you can see if the post was boosted and when you’re deleting a post, is deleted even the boost schedule. Was added support for post requests in the Midrub’s api, was added redirect url if user cancel the api connect. Was fixed a small bug for Facebook Pages Insights. Was improved hashtags suggestions for Twitter. In the next week will be released the final update. I’m working on Midrub’s themes and will be available in this month. Moreover Posts preview for all social networks will be available[…]

In the last two days Facebook has asked two apps with Midrub to change the Facebook connect button(never asked before in the last 4 months). For this reason i’ve updated today the connect button in the Posts app(in other apps too but you will get changes in the next update). Now instead New Account, you will see a new Facebook icon with text Facebook Page and Facebook Group. Hope Facebook will approve new button connector. Also, in this update was fixed the cache problem for RSS manual scheduled posts when are selected groups with accounts.

This update has more bug fixes for mobile and baby screen compatibility. Please get it and report me anytime you’re seeing a bug for responsive. New features: Added delete post button for scheduled RSS’s posts. Added account list for selected Group i the history tab for both manual posts and rss posts. Integrated the media deletion hook in the Posts and now you won’t see more wrong links for deleted images added to a post. Fixes: Fixed responsive bugs. Fixed css errors. Fixed drag and drop media. Soon will be available the Midrub’s api which i’m integraing now in the Android client for Midrub. You can get Midrub Beta 3 from CodeCanyon. Froom July you will get all updates[…]

This was an urgent update because the code for the new Linkedin api has a bug for accounts with non english language. Maybe you didn’t seen this, because only when accounts are connected you can see the issue. In this update you will get Posts report option to get report for the last 30 days or 90 days posts published manual or RSS’s posts. The Report features shows the number of published posts, selected number of accounts and errors.