I’ve decided to move the Midrub documentation here¬†https://www.midrub.com/ Here you will get updates information for any Midrub’s feature.

New version is available for the Android app. This version has support now for Whatsapp, but as soon i will release the iOS version, i will add other messenger in the same way. On Whatsapp you can share posts with photos and text or only with text. Anything is legal and stable. Improvements: Possibility to click on the notifications. Was fixed the text input height. In the next week will be available the first demo video with the iOS version.

This is an urgent update for users which has Midrub because i’ve discovered a bug and was fixed. The bug is in sign in/sign up page at the social button. If you’ve created a Sign Up or Sign In page in admin, the login url is old and it creates problems with redirects on social networks. Please update from admin and ensure the Sign In/Sign Up via social networks works. If not, please copy redirects from admin and paste on social networks where is requested like in the video below: Improvements: Now Midrub has a new 404 page. If you want to custom it, you can do this in¬†application/views/errors/html/error_404.php On small screens was improved multimedia gallery compatibility. Added preview[…]

The version Midrub will be complete in short time(2 – 3 weeks). Main feature will be a new Notification page. As soon will be ready complete the version, i will move apps inside the new core and the Notification feature will be one of the top feature in Midrub. Also i will create a new 404 page. In this update you will find the Instagram post preview.

Last changes and improvements in this version: Updated the confirmation page and added the option to change the email address. Added reCaptcha support in the Contact page for default theme. Added the button to delete media files in admin panel. Added possibility to add stats in the home page. Tomorow coming the first beta of Midrub with Instagram preview for the Posts app.

Sorry, but final update isn’t ready, will be tomorow. But is stable anyway now. What contains this version: Added Google Api Key field in the contact page. Added Signup Link in the Sign In Page. Added redirect for home page if the selected page as Home Page is accessed directly. Added redirects url in the Social Access Page. Added method to get url by page role and now the page links are generated based on role. If you want to set the cookie page link, or terms and conditions or privacy policy, please follow the video below.   What missing and will be added tomorow: Captcha support in the contact page. Possibility to delete media files in the new Admin[…]

As i written more times the version Midrub Beta is unstable because i’ve changed the Midrub’s core and some features i’ve missed to add(like cron.php file, referrals, etc.). Beta 4 has less bugs but i need anyway another 2-3 days to release the final. What contains this update: In this beta i’ve restored support for referrals and now referrals are registered for both email and social signup. There was a problem with new social classes, signup had a bug. I’ve fixed and now signup works correctly. Added a new hook for Frontend contents to keep clean the menu which has selected pages. Improved the urls creator for frontend to avoid dupplicates. Now contents in the select page buttons from[…]

This update is essential if you have already Beta 2, because the Beta 2 is unstable and don’t supports the cron file(forgot to include in the new Midrub’s core). Improvements: Made responsive the Midrub’s Frontend component. Fixed the plans link in the default theme. New features: Social preview Dynamic meta lists In this week will be released the final update.

A new important feature in the new Midrub’s Frontend component is “dynamic meta lists”. This feature allows to create, edit and delete dynamic lists from admin. In the default theme this feature is used for videos in the home page and questions/answers. The new feature supports too multilanguage and all available meta templates. Next goal for the Midrub’s Frontend component is categories, which will be useful especially for blogs and new Midrub’s theme.