I hope tomorow will be approved the new update on CodeCanyon, but please remember to backup the files application/config/database.php and application/config/config.php. And remember to backup the folders assets/img and assets/share. After copy two folders: application and assets from zip. Then restore the backup. You need 5 minutes to update Midrub via Cpanel. In the update i’ve added a new way to schedule posts and emails. But you can use the old way too. You can watch how works the new scheduling way here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPyWW5wl_0g Improvements: Were improved all Midrub’s models. After password change, you will be redirected to the user page. Fixes: Was fixed the login page bug for Internet Explorer 11 Was fixed the login page bug for Safari When[…]

I’ve added a new scheduling option in Midrub, but you can easily restore the old scheduling option from the admin panel. The new schedule option can be easily translated from the file default_user_lang.php The new scheduling option allows you to use 12-hour or 24-hour clock format. By default is enabled the 24-hour format, but you can change it from the file application/views/user/posts.php (please don’t open the file in only Windows Code Writer). In the posts.php file you have the div with class with data-format 1, if you change to 0, you will have 12-hour clock format.

Recently Facebook have changed their api, and now the parameter “published” for /me/photos is not supported more. I’ve used this parameter to hide uploaded photos. Without this parameter, the photos will be published twice(once for upload and second for publish). I’ve tried many parameters to get an alternative for the parameter “published”, and i’ve discover the parameter “no_story” which works almost in the same way. To fix uploading of the photos on Facebook, please open the file application/autopost/Facebook.php and replace the parameter “published” with “no_story” in the code $postu = $this->fb->post(‘/me/photos’, [‘url’ => $args[‘img’], ‘published’ => FALSE], $user_details[0]->token); Another changes i’ve discover for /me/feed. Now the parameter “attached_media[0]” is not supported more. To fix this, i’ve replaced it with the[…]

After three days from the last update, i’ve decided to release a new update. This update contains several improvements and one fix for a small issue in the last update(older updates doesn’t contain it). Improvements: Now you can decide which plan will be hidden. Preview for Linkedin and other social networks was improved. Now when you click to insert the photo url, video or link url in the post, first it will be shorten like before, also will be emptied the video, image and link url. Was improved the translation, please read about here http://blog.midrub.com/how-to-translate-midrub-in-other-languages-and-get-new-updates/ Since i’ve seen Reddit doesn’t allow to publish some kind of content in some categories, i’ve added the possibility to select a subcategory. In the next[…]

In this update i’ve added the Teams feature which allows to any user to create a team and allow to members to use any Midrub’s feature. I’ve added the third way to publish posts on Google Plus. In the documentation you will find instructions about how to configure Google Plus. It’s easy and you can publish text, links and photos on Google Plus. People can connect even their RSS Feeds and publish on Google Plus without restrictions. The new way to publish on Google Plus is non standard way, but is stable. If you like it, i can add in a short time in the same way Instagram and will be stable. I’ve started in this month to optimize the[…]

The last Midrub’s Teams feature allows to create a team with unlimited number of members. If your plan allows to have a team, you will be able to create a team and them will be able to use your account. At this moment the team’s member don’t have any limits(except the team management). To create a team: Sign In in your account. Click on Settings. Click on My Team. Click on the icon Enter the Member username and password Click on the Save Member button Now the member is able to Sign In in your account.  

Teams is the last Midrub’s feature. This feature allows you to create a team and all members team will be able to use your account. Each member’s username must start with m_ and in this way Midrub will recognize it as a member’s team not as user. If member’s username already exists, will be added a number at the end. For now you can manage your team, see last access and change the password. But i’m going to add roles and statistics to see the team actvity.

In this update i’ve added to the administrator panel the possibility to see what publish users on social networks and what they send by email. Administrators can now understand why a post wasn’t published on a social networks. They will see the errors from the administrator panel. In this update i’ve added even a new tool called MailChimp Importer. With this tool people can import emails from MailChimp in Midrub. This tool can be useful send messages cheaper to the subscribers. A new useful feature was added for Feeds Section. Now you can easily decide which posts will be published and which no, by adding words. Fixes: Was fixed the search engine for RSS if there aren’t selected any account.[…]

From the next update you will be able to decide which posts will be published and which posts will not be published from a RSS Feed. You will get two new fields in the RSS’s settings. First field will allow you to decide to publish posts which contains one of the added words. Second will allow you to decide to exclude posts which contains one of the added words. In this way you will be able to exclude posts from different categories and publish posts only interesting posts. You can watch in the video below how to use the new options:

MailChimp Importer is the last Midrub’s tool. With MailChimp Importer you can easily copy a list with email addresses in a Midrub’s email list. For example someone wants to sends email cheaper, with this tool they can copy an entiry list and sends email from Midrub. The tool is very simple to use. You have only to add your MailChimp ApiKey(in the video bellow you can see where you can get it). Then, you have to select the MailChimp list you want to copy. And you have to select the Midrub’s email list where you want to copy the email addresses.