I’ve tested all Midrub’s bots and fixed the CSS’s issues. I’ve fixed the Twilow’s profile images problem. All bots works as expected and i will redesign them soon and will make more user friendly + more features. The Midrub’s Inlike bot works well now. You can use the hashtags to find new photos and like automatically them. Were updated the language file default_bot_lang.php. This update can be downloaded from admin.

In the last update was updated the Midrub’s bot, called Inlike. Now it searches photos based on hashtags. You need to know the hashtags available on Instagram, not all words are hashtags. You can manage your saved searches: See the related photos You have a direct link too the user page You can like/unlike the photos manually You can like/unlike the photos automatically You can delete the saved search with a click A liked photo will not be more liked if you will not delete the saved searches The speed of automatic follows depends on your cron jobs. 4 cron calls = 1 follow. If your server runs the cron commans once in 15 minutes, will be followed 1 user[…]

Midrub has now a new bot which allows to automatically retweet your tweets. The bot provides a list with all available twitter accounts, you can select each account, and for each account you can select a list with accounts which will retweet automatically all new published tweets. The bot don’t requires any configuration, just select the accounts to retweet the tweets published from another account.

Dmitas is the last Midrub’s bot which allows you to follow back all users. Dmitas follow back any new Instagram user and sends a direct message. With this bot you can create a custom message for all your Instagram accounts and it will follow back all people which will follow you. Dmitas provides a list with all new followed users and you can see which have received successfully a direct message and which not. Dmitas shows even statistics with number of new friends and which had received a direct message. Dmitas doesn’t require any configuration. You have enable any Instagram account to follow back all your new followers. Remember: Dmitas follows back only new followers. If you add your message,[…]

Midrub Visam is the last Midrub’s Bot. Midrub Visam is a bot for VK. With Midrub Visam you can search users on VK, follow and unfollow them. Midrub Visam allows you to follow/unfollow users manually or automatically. Each saved search can contain until 20 users. The VK’s api for follow/unfollow allows you to follow up to 3 users per hour. After 3 users, you will have to fill in a captcha form if you will use the manually way. For automatically follow/unfollow i’ve increased the time interval. For each founded user, you can see the username, fullname and profile picture. If you want to use this bot, delete your VK connect accounts and connect again because i’ve added a new[…]

Instavy is the last Midrub’s bot and it allows you to find new friends on Instagram. Like Twilos, Instavy allows you to search people on Instagram and you can save the search. A search may contain maximum 51 users. You can manage each saved search: Select one of your account which will follow/unfollow the people Auto follow Auto unfollow Follow manually Unfollow manually Get statistics in real time And see the list with the users which you can follow or unfollow You can watch the Instavy’s demo in the video bellow: I’m will add another bot until the end of this week, will make more planned improvements and fix the bugs. Then i will release a new update.

Twilos is the last Midrub’s bot. With this bot you can easily find new friends on Twitter. Twilos allows you to search friend by using any keyword in any language. Once you’ve found users, you have the button to save search. Then the Manage button, will allow you to manage the search. First of all, you have to select one of your Twitter account connected on Twitter. Then you can enable the option to follow all found people or unfollow them. You can do that automatically or you have the tab Users, where you can see the users and follow or unfollow them manually. The tab Statistics displays the real time statistics about followed/unfollowed and users in the search. You[…]

The first Midrub’s bot is Promotis. I will not explain how useful is this bot, because if you now how works Facebook, you will understand fast what you can do with Promotis. Promotis is a Monitoris’s child and it is based on the Monitoris tool. If you want to use this bot, you need to enable even Monitoris. How works Promotis? Promotis takes all published posts from your Facebook Profile, Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages. Then, for each post you can create a list with comments which will be published automatically on Facebook after some time. Promotis Features Comments may contain images, text or url You can create a list with bookmarked posts You can deleteĀ  the comments and get[…]

The new Midrub’s section is called Bots. In the Bots section will be added dozens of bots for almost all social networks and messengers. The section will contain only advanced bots with a lot of options and the bots will work for you. Each bot is composed only from a file and it also is based on Midrub Models, Language Files and Helpers. All bots will have only one cron command. The Bots section will not be available in the demo version of Midrub, but will be still available for every users.