Midrub allows you to publish RSS’s posts in an easily way. You can select the social accounts where will be published the rss posts, schedule each post or publish automatically, use refferal code for all RSS’s urls, publish only new posts, etc. In the video bellow you will see how to add a new RSS Feed and how to configure it:

The new update comes with a new option which allows you to use G Suite or Google Plus Pages to publish on Google Plus. What is the difference and why is a Plus to be partner with Google? With G Suite the posts are privately and only you and your team can see and publish new posts. If you’re Google Partner the posts will be public and all people which uses your app can publish on Google Plus without restrictions. You have also to enable the Google Plus Pages library in your Google Console. You can send here the request to become partner with Google¬†https://developers.google.com/+/web/api/rest/pages-signup

The latest Midrub versions allow you to use your Facebook application with approved permissions to publish on profile, groups or pages. And you have now the option to allow to any user to use his Facebook App Key and App Secret. To understand how users can use their App Key and App Secret, please watch the video bellow:

Why you need PayPal Identity Token in Midrub? Someone can redirect manually a link to your website and upgrade the plan without paying. But with PayPal Identity Token we can verify the redirected token if is valid, already exists in your database or the payment value is exact for the choosen plan. Where can you get the PayPal Identity Token? You need a Business PayPal account, but don’t worry, you don’t need to pay nothing. For each transaction PayPal will take 0.50$. If you have already a Business PayPal account, sign in and click on the Profile -> Profile and settings -> My selling tools -> Website preferences(Update) -> Copy the PayPal Identity Token and add in Midrub. You can[…]