The main feature in this is a new Midrub core, professional, easy to use, with new kind of hooks support, improved to load faster, more clean code, cool strategies, themes support, support to custom panel access, admin pages and user pages. The new core will support plugins installation, and soon automatic updates for each component, theme or user’s app. The new core will support multilanguages but the translation will be a headache due to a large number of files to translate. Since all Midrub’s feature will be dynamic, i can’t save all Midrub’s words in a file or several files. First beta version don’t has the new core, but the new core will be available in this week. In the[…]

Today i’ve written a new autopost’s class which allows to connect all Instagram accounts. The class is called Instagram_insights and was developed for mobile clients. Current Instagram_insights class allows to connect only Instagram business accounts and get insights/reply to comments. The new class allows to connect all Instagram accounts but it don’t supports insights and comments because is based on Instagram api, not Facebook Graph. The configuration is simply, you have to register a new client here Copy the Client ID/Client Secret and paste in Midrub Admin -> Networks -> Instagram Profiles The callback used in the created Client should be (replace with yours). Then you have to ask for review because your app will be in sandbox mode. Please[…]

As i written several days ago, i’ve added support for Facebook live videos. The option is called Facebook Live instead Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups or Facebook. This option allows to create live videos with pre recorded videos on Facebook Pages. Videos can be published in real time or scheduled. Title and description fields are supported. The problem with live videos on Facebook is in permission. I don’t know if Facebook will approve permissions for pre recorded videos. You can try yourself to get them. Without permissions is possible to publish pre recorded videos only if user is a tester, developer or administrator in Facebook application. And if you have an application created after 1 may 2018, the application should be[…]

The Midrub’s Api follows the OAuth 2.0 rules but isn’t based on external libraries. To use the Midrub’s api, you have to create a new application in Admin -> Settings -> Apps(Api Section). Each Api Application should have a name, other fields like Application Redirect Url, Cancel Redirect Url and Application’s permissions are optionally. You have to add redirect url and cancel url only if you’re using the Midrub’s api to create an application where user should approve the permissons of your application. If the application is based on username/password login, redirect url isn’t required. The field Application’s permissions allows you to select by default which permissions will be able to use the users. In the screenshot above you can[…]

Today you will have a new option in Midrub which will allow to download images from urls in the Posts app and Storage app. User will be able to download multiple images with one click and the image size is based on allowed max size and user’s storage. Video files aren’t supported, but there is one file which downloads the images and you can custom it by adding video download. When the images are downloaded, will be created a cover. Supported formats: png, jpeg and gif. You can enable this option in the Posts app’s settings and Storage app’s settings from admin panel.

Today will be release an important update which contains a security monitoring system. This system will monitor the vulnerable folders to detect executable files. Once detected an executable file, the monitoring system will send you a notification email to your notification_mail(added in config.php) and will delete the file. This monitoring system runs every minute and it deletes non Midrub’s files. Someone could replace a midrub’s file with his dangerous code, for this reason Midrub verifies its files for dangerous code, sends you a notification email and deletes the file. Another security feature was added in the media helper, which verifies after each uploaded files for executing files. Once found, will be deleted. It will not send you notifications. Another security[…]

I’ve added hashtags support for Tumblr and Medium and i think to add for the next update support even for Imgur. The hashtags support don’t has a special field. You have to use #. For several social networks is not required support because them recognizes the hashtags via #. I think to add mention support in the same easy way but by using @.

In this version was changed more things: 1) Was removed these cron job commands: wget -O –spider >/dev/null 2>&1 wget -O –spider >/dev/null 2>&1 wget -O –spider >/dev/null 2>&1 and added this: wget -O –spider >/dev/null 2>&1 All other will be removed soon and only the url above will work for all. If you’re using the file cron.php you don’t need to deleted the cron job commands because the file was updated. RSS now is different and you have to reconnect all connected accounts. Apps should be enabled first from the Apps page and then for plan. Each plan should be configured again. When you’re installing or updating Midrub, you have to pay attention to apps,[…]

Imgur is one of the most popular website. And with Midrub we can publish posts with links, photos and text on Imgur. The new RSS feature will provide better support for images and possibility to select per feed in which category/album publish a feed’s posts. The problem with Imgur is in private photos. If them aren’t published in a public album only you will see them if you will not share them. Today i’ve added the possibility to select the album where will be published your photos. For each Imgur account you can select a different category.

From the version, Midrub has the option to set an interval time for the scheduling posts. By default the interval time is 5 seconds between one account and other account where will be published a post. You can add your wanted interval in Admin Panel -> Settings -> Advanced -> Scheduling interval between accounts. 60 seconds means 1 minute. 3600 = 1 hour. Same option will work for scheduled RSS’s posts and RSS Feeds Posts. Please remember to increase even the option max_execution_time in php.