The new Midrub Visual Email Composer allows to easily import photos from the user gallery and use in an Email Template. You can easily align the photos, resize or add a link for the photos. User can upload new photos in his gallery(limited by plan) or import photos from url. In the video bellow you can watch how to create an Email template with photos: Tomorow i will create another video where i will show how to create a photo gallery in an Email template.

The old Midrub’s Faq Page was removed and added Midrub Faq System in the Tickets section. Now you can add manually unlimited number of questions and answers in the language you want. Users can use a search field to find the answer for their questions. Midrub Faq System Features Create unlimited number of questions Delete the Questions Search Engine for Questions

Tickets System is the last Midrub’s feature. Now the users can open a support ticket and admin can reply to the ticket. Admin can limit the number of tickets per hours for each user. The notifications are provided too: Notification for users about admin replies. Notification for admin about the new tickets and user replies Tickets System features for user Open a new ticket Close Ticket Delete Ticket Reply to a ticket Tickets System features for admin Reply to a ticket Close Tickets Delete Tickets Limit number of tickets open by users Disable Tickets  

New features in this update: Groups Accounts allows you to create a group with your social accounts and publish in all with a click. Now you have a new option in admin for Facebook, Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages. You can use the Facebook permissions from your app, or allow to users to use their own Facebook App. Improvements: Improved the alert style for users(will be soon changed even for admin panel). Posts Planner – now the user has the option to receive a notification by email when the planned posts are completed Posts Planner – if you have enabled Groups Accounts, you can select a Group even in Posts Planner

Midrub provides two way to short an URL. The first is the Midrub’s Shortener which shorts the url and allows you to monitoring the clicks and see from where the peoples have clicked on the shorten link. The second is Google URL Shortener and to use it, you have first to configure it from the config file(please see in the documentation), then enable from admin. If you don’t want to short the urls, just enable Google URL Shortener and don’t configure it.