I understand now how is important to help users understand why a post wasn’t published on a social account and for this reason i’ve added an easy way to verify the post status and see the errors. This feature was added even for RSS’s posts and users has now same interface like for manual publishing. Maybe i will add even Insights for RSS’s posts.

In this update was improved Imgur, was add accounts connector in the Insights -> Accounts, was added proxy field support for Instagram and were fixed many minor issues. New features: Now for Imgur you can select the album were the post will be published. For Instagram you can add a proxy. From this week i will start to test publishing with official Instagram api. Was added button in Insights -> Accounts to connect accounts directly in the Insights tab. Now you can sign in even with email and password. For team is not possible yet, but will be added by request. I’ve started already to create a modern design for RSS tab in Posts and in this week will be ready.[…]

Imgur is one of the most popular website. And with Midrub we can publish posts with links, photos and text on Imgur. The new RSS feature will provide better support for images and possibility to select per feed in which category/album publish a feed’s posts. The problem with Imgur is in private photos. If them aren’t published in a public album only you will see them if you will not share them. Today i’ve added the possibility to select the album where will be published your photos. For each Imgur account you can select a different category.

The new Midrub social accounts manager was moved in the Posts section and users can add connect accounts and manage them with a click. Now users can even manage their accounts groups directly from the Posts section. The Posts section uses a lot of resources for the existing features and for this reason the popup of the new Midrub social accounts manager is empty when the page loads. But the the accounts and groups will be added when you will click the first time on the button   If you have a fast server, the popup loads in one second. If you have a server from Godaddy or Namecheap will be required 3-4 seconds. Even a shared hosting can load[…]

From the next update you will be able to get insights for your posts published on your Linkedin company page. Insights are number of followers, likes and comments. The api has more restricts and you will be able to read comments and create new comments. Deletion of posts and comments is not possible. Reply to the comments and see replies is not possible yet because i didn’t found the endpoint. But as soon i will find, will be added.

In this update was changed/create a lot of files and update from admin is not possible. I’ve created a new documentation from scratch where i’ve explained all steps how to update Midrub. New features: New design. New icons Midrub Apps. Multimedia gallery with DropBox Support. Activities page. Pixabay search and download. Dashboard widgets Multiple photos are supported now for Twitter and Facebook Was improved Planner(is same planner which uses Hotsuite). Insights Comments moderation Posts History Increased the speed by limiting the sql queries Now the CSS is well optimized like the new javascript files Bootstrap 4 and Font Awesome 5 New design was created based on suggestions. Midrub will be changed a lot in the following months and will look soo[…]

Activities is the last feature for the next Midrub’s update. The activities feature allows to register any user activity and display in a tree format. User can decide if Activities will be enabled/displayed for team’s members. Later i will add filters to be possible to see what have done a team’s member in a period of time. Filters will allows to get scheduled content and decide if will be deleted or allowed. I’m working already on the bugs and in several days the new update will be ready.

Midrub provides now the possibility to get Instagram insights for single media upload and accounts. The insights are provided in real time and Midrub uses for this the official Instagram api. From the Insights tab is possible even to get a list with photos/videos for each connected accounts, get comments and reply to the media’s comments. You can delete the comments/replies and delete medias. Soon will be added new features in Midrub based on the official api.

The new Midrub’s dashboard allows to import widgets from the Midrub’s apps and has 4 default widgets. The default widgets can be disabled or enabled from admin. By default Midrub uses Chartjs (https://www.chartjs.org) and is possible to create original graphs for each Midrub’s apps. By default you will drag and drop per plan the widgets displayed per plan. The Midrub’s dashboard is an app too and you can disable it for a plan and redirect users after login to a different app. For example soon Midrub will have a stream app.

Midrub Teams will be different from the next update. It has now avatars based on gravatar, email address, about member field, member status and member role. The teams is limited by plan and you can limit per plan the number of Team’s members Midrub Teams will be improved after the next update and will have a tasks planner for members, chat and reports. The teams from the next update will not be possible to disable.