Midrub provides now the possibility to get Instagram insights for single media upload and accounts. The insights are provided in real time and Midrub uses for this the official Instagram api. From the Insights tab is possible even to get a list with photos/videos for each connected accounts, get comments and reply to the media’s comments. You can delete the comments/replies and delete medias. Soon will be added new features in Midrub based on the official api.

The new Midrub’s dashboard allows to import widgets from the Midrub’s apps and has 4 default widgets. The default widgets can be disabled or enabled from admin. By default Midrub uses Chartjs (https://www.chartjs.org) and is possible to create original graphs for each Midrub’s apps. By default you will drag and drop per plan the widgets displayed per plan. The Midrub’s dashboard is an app too and you can disable it for a plan and redirect users after login to a different app. For example soon Midrub will have a stream app.

Midrub Teams will be different from the next update. It has now avatars based on gravatar, email address, about member field, member status and member role. The teams is limited by plan and you can limit per plan the number of Team’s members Midrub Teams will be improved after the next update and will have a tasks planner for members, chat and reports. The teams from the next update will not be possible to disable.

The Insights section for Facebook Groups is more limited than for Facebook Pages. We can’t get insights for Group’s posts. All information provided for now will be Members count and Member waiting for approval. For each group’s posts are displayed the comments and reactions. The class for Facebook Groups can be customized to provide more information. Is possible to create new comments and reply to comments, but the api don’t allows to delete posts or comments. Another problem is in publishing of comments. You can see in the video below the posts is possible to publish, but Midrub there is a problem, and comments creation will be disabled until the begin of the next month.

From the next Midrub’s update users will be able to get insights for social accounts and posts. Users will be able imediatelly to moderate the published posts on social networks as them are published. Users will be able to post new comments, reply to comments, get insights and delete posts from the Midrub Posts section. Insights will be supported for Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, VK, OK, etc. The Insights features is like the publish feature, you can add new social networks by creating a new class. You can add new insights(i will explain in the documentation) and add wanted features for each social networks(comments, likes, private posts, retweets, etc.).

Midrub Posts Scheduled tab allows easily find scheduled posts by navigating through day, week and month calendar. It displays the scheduled post’s image, video cover, short text and social networks were will be published. If a post has more images, will be displayed only the first, if a post has a video, will be displayed the cover. If the post will be published in more than 7 social networks, will be displayed only 7 icons. By clicking on the scheduled posts, you can see the post preview, all social networks where will be published and you can cancel the scheduled post. You can delete any post from the Scheduler. If you click on any date, you will be able to[…]

From the version Midrub will have a new Multimedia gallery. I’ve written a Jquery’s plugin which will allow to easy upload photos/videos and use them in Midrub. The multimedia gallery supports the formats: png, jpeg, gif, mp4, webm, avi and maybe in future will be added new formats. Was added support for photos/videos from Google Drive and DropBox. Now you can enable these from admin and allow to users to imports photos and video from Google Drive and DropBox in their gallery. Was added a new field in the admin -> plans where you can add storage for users. Users will see in real time the free space in their multimedia gallery. To save resources, the Multimedia Gallery creates[…]

Midrub will have a new post composer from the version The new post composer is more intuitive and easy to use. It provides a list with the most used accounts in the last 30 days and user can select them with a click. User can use the search input to find a non displayed account. Search results are based on popularity(first the most used accounts). The new post composer has a new emoji plugin with nice emojies. User can use a search input to find wanted emojies or can search by categories. The new post composer has a multimedia gallery where user can easily upload photos and videos and add them in the post. Multi images/video select is supported[…]

In this update was added the option to disable frontend. If youo don’t want the frontend page, just go to Admin -> Settings -> Advanced and Frontend Disable Was fixed the problem with the Insights section. Now only allowed social networks per plan are displayed. Please report any bug you can see and will be fixed. Now Midrub supports https://www.nextscripts.com/ and with the library you can publish from Midrub on Google Plus, Xing and other will be added soon. The update is available only from the admin panel.

Please remember to backup the files application/config/database.php and application/config/config.php if you want to update mannually. And remember to backup the folders assets/img and assets/share. If you have translated Midrub, you have to backup your language files too. After copy two folders: application and assets from zip. In this version you need to copy even the files index.php and update.php. Then restore the backup. You need 5 minutes to update Midrub via Cpanel. Please, update Midrub in a professional way. Create a dev installation, install there the last Midrub’s version, test it, if don’t works let me know and i will fix any discover bug. If works as expected, update your main installation.  Please, backup the alternative files for Facebook, Instagram,[…]