MailChimp Importer is the last Midrub’s tool. With MailChimp Importer you can easily copy a list with email addresses in a Midrub’s email list. For example someone wants to sends email cheaper, with this tool they can copy an entiry list and sends email from Midrub. The tool is very simple to use. You have only to add your MailChimp ApiKey(in the video bellow you can see where you can get it). Then, you have to select the MailChimp list you want to copy. And you have to select the Midrub’s email list where you want to copy the email addresses.

The Midrub’s Spintax Tool allows you to add unlimited synonyms for each word, than it in a random way will replace the synonyms with the found word. The Midrub’s Spintax Tool provides a preview box where you can verify how will be generated new posts from your original post. In the video bellow you can watch how the Midrub’s Spintax Tool replaces the words in a random way:

The last Midrub’s tool, Sppintax, allows you to generate original posts to publish on social networks. The same tool can be used even to generate original RSS’s posts and original email templates. You can add unlimited synonyms for any word and each synonym will be replaced in a random way. In the video bellow you can see how works the new Midrub’s Spintax Tool.

New features in this update: Groups Accounts allows you to create a group with your social accounts and publish in all with a click. Now you have a new option in admin for Facebook, Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages. You can use the Facebook permissions from your app, or allow to users to use their own Facebook App. Improvements: Improved the alert style for users(will be soon changed even for admin panel). Posts Planner – now the user has the option to receive a notification by email when the planned posts are completed Posts Planner – if you have enabled Groups Accounts, you can select a Group even in Posts Planner

The last Midrub’s Tool, Posts Planner allows you to schedule your posts once per week, biweekly, monthly or yearly. You can create more actions for each post. Each action allows you to schedule the post to be published once per week, biweekly, monthly or yearly. The admin decides how many actions can create any user. To enable Posts Planner, go to Admin Panel -> Tools -> Posts Planner(Enable). Then, go to Settings -> Advanced -> Limit of Planner’s actions per post(add the number of actions per post). Now the Posts Planner Tool is enabled for each user. Users have the possibility to use the Posts Planner Tool from the Tools Section, or they can enable it to be used even[…]

The Midrub’s Ebay Feed Generator provides a simple way to generate a Feed RSS from an Ebay User’s products:

If you want to publish the products from Amazon on different social networks, you can use Amazon Feed Generator. The tool is available in Midrub and it allows you to create a feed RSS from any Amazon User’s products. Just follow the video bellow to understand how to create a feed RSS:

The Tools sections contains some tools which the people can use to reply to comments, generate new RSS Feeds and soon will be added a new original tool. You can decide from admin panel to enable or disable the Tools section. Also, you can decide which tool will be available for users. In the video bellow you can see how works the Tools Section: