In the new update you can easily translate your Midrub copy in any language you want. If you want to translate Midrub in other language, open the file application/config/config.php and add the variables /* |————————————————————————– | Translations |————————————————————————– | */ $config[‘auth_language’] = ‘custom_auth’; $config[‘admin_language’] = ‘custom_admin’; $config[‘user_language’] = ‘custom_user’; $config[‘alerts_language’] = ‘custom_alerts’; $config[‘tool_language’] = ‘custom_tool’;     Go to application/languages/english and rename default_auth_lang.php to custom_auth_lang.php default_admin_lang.php to custom_admin_lang.php default_user_lang.php to custom_user_lang.php default_alerts_lang.php to custom_alerts_lang.php default_alerts_lang.php to custom_tool_lang.php After that, if you want to translate Midrub or edit the existing text, go to Admin Panel -> Update and click on Update. Will be downloaded a new file application/language/english/default_auth_lang.php You can translate the words from the file in any language you want.[…]