The Midrub version is coming with more new features: New User Settings Page – the user’s Settings page has a new design which will integrate all settings, api’s apps, invoices, plan usage, connected services via api, 2 factor authentication, etc. In the Settings page users will be able to control their payment subscriptions. Plan Usage – now users will be able to see for what they’re paying and will see what missing. Settings Invoices – users will see in this section all their invoices and they will be able to print them. New modern Faq Section – with advanced tickets and categories(this feature will be in this version but in beta 1 is not available). Hashtags Support – now hashtags are[…]

This update required a lot of time due to really important changes which required a long test period. Plans Page – the page was rewritten from scratch and added support for apps. Now apps will import them plan’s limits once will be enabled. Cron Job – i’m going to replace all cron commands url with one single url which will be cron-job. For more details please look in the section Introduction -> Cron Jobs. User Deletion – since the apps are standalone and each app has its table in the database, each app should delete the user data when the user will be deleted. For this reason was added this feature in the apps. My Team widget – the widget[…]

This beta 1 version contains bug fixes and minor important improvements. Please download it from admin. Was added Insights and comments moderation for alternative Facebook classes, for details, please contact me by email. Was added redirect to the login page after signup. New language words weren’t added. The new RSS Section is not available yet in this version because it requires a lot of tests since is an important feature. The next big update, hope at the end of the next week will be available only on CodeCanyon because i’m modifing a lot of files. Facebook Inbox and Quick Replies will be available at the begin of the next week for testing. I’m improving Plans Page for admin to supports[…]

The version is now available from admin and i fixed all reported bugs. Today were fixed the responsive errors for upgrade pages, display of posts in planner(for a non standard kind of server configuration) and other small reported issues. At the end of this week will be released the version Beta 1 with RSS tab in the Posts app and it will be the last tab. I will work further to fix all bugs and after it will be stable without bugs. I will work then on new Midrub apps. From the next update i will release a list at each update with added new or deleted words. This is important for people which have translated Midrub in[…]

In this update was improved Imgur, was add accounts connector in the Insights -> Accounts, was added proxy field support for Instagram and were fixed many minor issues. New features: Now for Imgur you can select the album were the post will be published. For Instagram you can add a proxy. From this week i will start to test publishing with official Instagram api. Was added button in Insights -> Accounts to connect accounts directly in the Insights tab. Now you can sign in even with email and password. For team is not possible yet, but will be added by request. I’ve started already to create a modern design for RSS tab in Posts and in this week will be ready.[…]

This update is available only from the admin panel and contains many bug fixes. It is important and tomorow and after tomorow will be released new little updates with improvements for the existing social networks and responsive. New features: Was added a new way to publish on Pinterest(the class is available by request). Can be tested in the demo. Was added collapsed menu for mobile view. Was integrated the non standard old way to connect the VK profiles. Now when someone signup via Twitter or Facebook will be saved the full name to be displayed in the header. I never edited until yesterday the Facebook SDK but from yesterday Facebook started to display an error when accounts were connected. I’ve[…]

In the last week Midrub was improved a lot. Were fixed more issues discovered in the new design. were fixed all reported bugs and i’m still waiting for any report to fix imediately any bug you’re able to find. New features: Linkedin Insights Possibility to select categories for accounts Midrub social accounts manager Multilanguage In the following days i will improve existing accounts networks and will be added Youtube Insights and Comments moderation for Posts -> Insights. And hope soon there will be even Twitter. In the next 2 weeks will be moved RSS in Posts as tab and will be rewriten from scratch to become more compact and more useful. In the same time i’m going to create a[…]

In this update was changed/create a lot of files and update from admin is not possible. I’ve created a new documentation from scratch where i’ve explained all steps how to update Midrub. New features: New design. New icons Midrub Apps. Multimedia gallery with DropBox Support. Activities page. Pixabay search and download. Dashboard widgets Multiple photos are supported now for Twitter and Facebook Was improved Planner(is same planner which uses Hotsuite). Insights Comments moderation Posts History Increased the speed by limiting the sql queries Now the CSS is well optimized like the new javascript files Bootstrap 4 and Font Awesome 5 New design was created based on suggestions. Midrub will be changed a lot in the following months and will look soo[…]

I’ve tested all Midrub’s bots and fixed the CSS’s issues. I’ve fixed the Twilow’s profile images problem. All bots works as expected and i will redesign them soon and will make more user friendly + more features. The Midrub’s Inlike bot works well now. You can use the hashtags to find new photos and like automatically them. Were updated the language file default_bot_lang.php. This update can be downloaded from admin.

Please remember to backup the files application/config/database.php and application/config/config.php if you want to update mannually. And remember to backup the folders assets/img and assets/share. If you have translated Midrub, you have to backup your language files too. After copy two folders: application and assets from zip. In this version you need to copy even the files index.php and update.php. Then restore the backup. You need 5 minutes to update Midrub via Cpanel. Please, update Midrub in a professional way. Create a dev installation, install there the last Midrub’s version, test it, if don’t works let me know and i will fix any discover bug. If works as expected, update your main installation.  Please, backup the alternative files for Facebook, Instagram,[…]