New features in this update: Groups Accounts allows you to create a group with your social accounts and publish in all with a click. Now you have a new option in admin for Facebook, Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages. You can use the Facebook permissions from your app, or allow to users to use their own Facebook App. Improvements: Improved the alert style for users(will be soon changed even for admin panel). Posts Planner – now the user has the option to receive a notification by email when the planned posts are completed Posts Planner – if you have enabled Groups Accounts, you can select a Group even in Posts Planner

The main feature in the update is the Posts Planner Tool. You can use it to schedule the publishing of the posts based on day of the week and time, each week, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly. You can read more about the Posts Planner Tool here Other news in this update: Now the posts with photos will be published on Facebook like posts, not like photos. Now you can publish posts with photos on Added the social icon on the button Add New Account(the goal was to respect 100% the Facebook terms) Fixed several minor issues You have to create a new Cron Job if you don’t use the cron.php file wget -O –spider >/dev/null 2>&1

In the new update you can easily translate your Midrub copy in any language you want. If you want to translate Midrub in other language, open the file application/config/config.php and add the variables /* |————————————————————————– | Translations |————————————————————————– | */ $config[‘auth_language’] = ‘custom_auth’; $config[‘admin_language’] = ‘custom_admin’; $config[‘user_language’] = ‘custom_user’; $config[‘alerts_language’] = ‘custom_alerts’; Go to application/languages/english and rename default_auth_lang.php to custom_auth_lang.php default_admin_lang.php to custom_admin_lang.php default_user_lang.php to custom_user_lang.php default_alerts_lang.php to custom_alerts_lang.php How to enable Email Marketing: The Cron Jobs command for Email Marketing is: * * * * * wget –spider >/dev/null 2>&1 The file application/views/user/layout/header.php will not be updated never automatically. But, you have to add manually there this code: <?php if ($this->router->fetch_method() == ’emails’): ?> <link href=”<?= base_url(); ?>assets/admin/summernote/dist/summernote.css”[…]

First, download a zip archive from Unzip and copy the vm directory in the vendor directory. Go to Create a new application. You have to request Upload Access from Vimeo for your created application. After your development application is approved, go in your Vimeo Application and click on the tab Authentication. Add your Your Callback URLs: Copy Client Identifier and Client Secrets. Then paste them in Midrub Installation -> Admin Panel -> Networks -> Vimeo

New Features: Photo Cropper. RSS option to publish only new posts from a Feed. Now you can select more accounts per network where to publish the RSS’s posts. Stripe. Option in the admin to decide the limit of the uploading media files. Now you can translate the frontend from a file in the language you want(soon you will be able to translate all files). How to add Stripe? Download the zip archive from here Copy in Midrub’s Vendor directory. Unzip. Go to Sign In and go to Copy Live Secret Key. Go to Midrub. Sign In as Admin, click on Settings->Payments. And paste the copied Live Secret Key in the field Stripe Secret Key(Press SPACE and BACKSPACE if will not be saved)[…]