As i written several days ago, i’ve added support for Facebook live videos. The option is called Facebook Live instead Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups or Facebook. This option allows to create live videos with pre recorded videos on Facebook Pages. Videos can be published in real time or scheduled. Title and description fields are supported.

The problem with live videos on Facebook is in permission. I don’t know if Facebook will approve permissions for pre recorded videos. You can try yourself to get them. Without permissions is possible to publish pre recorded videos only if user is a tester, developer or administrator in Facebook application. And if you have an application created after 1 may 2018, the application should be in development mode. You can use a different Facebook application only for Facebook Live.

I’m going to release in several days post preview for each social network, after post edition and after i will add support even for Youtube live videos and maybe Instagram.

I’m going to create a live app for Midrub, with possibility to connect multiple social networks for live streaming and provide multi chat for each social network. With the app will be possible to get official permissions for live videos. But right now i have other priorites.

If you want new Facebook Live option, please contact me by email.