If you didn’t updated automatically Midrub for more than 2 months, will be better to update manually Midrub, because in the update are missing the updated files old than 2 months.

How you can update Midrub manually?

  • First backup the folders assets/img and assets/share.
  • Then backup the files application/config/config.php and application/config/database.php
  • Delete the old version and copy the new version.
  • Then restore the folders assets/img and assets/share, and files application/config/config.php and application/config/database.php
  • You need 5 minutes to update Midrub manually.

After update, sign in first as admin to be created the new tables in the database and update the old tables.

If you have downloaded the update from CodeCanyon, you have to update even from admin automatically. If i’ve provided you the zip, just sign in as admin.