The last Midrub’s Tool, Posts Planner allows you to schedule your posts once per week, biweekly, monthly or yearly. You can create more actions for each post. Each action allows you to schedule the post to be published once per week, biweekly, monthly or yearly. The admin decides how many actions can create any user.

To enable Posts Planner, go to Admin Panel -> Tools -> Posts Planner(Enable). Then, go to Settings -> Advanced -> Limit of Planner’s actions per post(add the number of actions per post). Now the Posts Planner Tool is enabled for each user.

Users have the possibility to use the Posts Planner Tool from the Tools Section, or they can enable it to be used even from the Posts Page. To enable the Posts Planner widget for the Posts Page, the users must go to Tools -> Posts Planner -> Options -> Display planner form on the Posts Page(Enable).

The users will be able to schedule the posts from the Posts Page to be published based on day of the week, time and how often. Also, they can decide the repeat of each action. For example: a post will be published on each monday for 12 times.

The Midrub’s Posts Planner Tool can be used even for standard scheduled posts, because it allows to manage the social accounts. You can add new accounts or remove the accounts where the scheduled post will not be published.

When you create an action to publish the post

  • once per week – the first post will be published in the next week
  • biweekly – the first post will be published after a week from now(then bi-weekly)
  • monthly – the first post will be published after a month
  • yearly – the first post will be published after a year

If you want to delete all scheduling actions, you can do this in two ways: by deleting the post or by deleting each action.

For each post, Posts Planner Tool shows a list with all scheduled posts(published and not published). You can cancel the non published posts.

If you have some good ideas how to improve the Posts Planner Tool, you can write about on CodeCanyon.