Today i’ve written a new autopost’s class which allows to connect all Instagram accounts. The class is called Instagram_insights and was developed for mobile clients. Current Instagram_insights class allows to connect only Instagram business accounts and get insights/reply to comments.

The new class allows to connect all Instagram accounts but it don’t supports insights and comments because is based on Instagram api, not Facebook Graph.

The configuration is simply, you have to register a new client here

Copy the Client ID/Client Secret and paste in Midrub Admin -> Networks -> Instagram Profiles

The callback used in the created Client should be (replace with yours).

Then you have to ask for review because your app will be in sandbox mode.

  • Please click on Permissions(in your Instagram Client).
  • Then click on the Start a submission button
  • Select: My app allows people to login with Instagram and share their own content.
  • In the form API use case:, write:

We’re using Instagram api only to get the username, because we’re using the feature in a mobile client and username is used only as reminder to remember to user where he wanted to publish a photo/video.