In the last week Midrub was improved a lot. Were fixed more issues discovered in the new design. were fixed all reported bugs and i’m still waiting for any report to fix imediately any bug you’re able to find.

New features:

  • Linkedin Insights
  • Possibility to select categories for accounts
  • Midrub social accounts manager
  • Multilanguage

In the following days i will improve existing accounts networks and will be added Youtube Insights and Comments moderation for Posts -> Insights. And hope soon there will be even Twitter.

In the next 2 weeks will be moved RSS in Posts as tab and will be rewriten from scratch to become more compact and more useful. In the same time i’m going to create a new application for Facebook Messenger with advanced features and user friendly interface.

Once will be moved the RSS in Posts, i will work on new apps and Posts will be stable because them are fully standalone and don’t depends on nothing. You will be able to enable the new apps for a test plan and once you will like them, you will provide them as service. Twillio integration comming in this month too.