This update is available only from the admin panel and contains many bug fixes. It is important and tomorow and after tomorow will be released new little updates with improvements for the existing social networks and responsive.

New features:

  • Was added a new way to publish on Pinterest(the class is available by request). Can be tested in the demo.
  • Was added collapsed menu for mobile view.
  • Was integrated the non standard old way to connect the VK profiles.
  • Now when someone signup via Twitter or Facebook will be saved the full name to be displayed in the header.

I never edited until yesterday the Facebook SDK but from yesterday Facebook started to display an error when accounts were connected. I’ve edited the login class only today after 6 months without changes. And yesterday i’ve edited a Facebook SDK file to fix the problem and this update contains it.

I’ve made more changes for responsive. If you’re still getting a responsive issue, please let me know.