In this update was improved Imgur, was add accounts connector in the Insights -> Accounts, was added proxy field support for Instagram and were fixed many minor issues.

New features:

  • Now for Imgur you can select the album were the post will be published.
  • For Instagram you can add a proxy. From this week i will start to test publishing with official Instagram api.
  • Was added button in Insights -> Accounts to connect accounts directly in the Insights tab.
  • Now you can sign in even with email and password. For team is not possible yet, but will be added by request.

I’ve started already to create a modern design for RSS tab in Posts and in this week will be ready. I hope in this week or in max 10 days will be ready even an advanced app with planner which will allow random scheduling, mass import, drag and drop posts from a list, etc.

Photos from url aren’t supported yet, but will be added in the near future and tags too. You will write anything in the post textarea and the script will automatically identify them.