This update required a lot of time due to really important changes which required a long test period.

  • Plans Page – the page was rewritten from scratch and added support for apps. Now apps will import them plan’s limits once will be enabled.
  • Cron Job – i’m going to replace all cron commands url with one single url which will be cron-job. For more details please look in the section Introduction -> Cron Jobs.
  • User Deletion – since the apps are standalone and each app has its table in the database, each app should delete the user data when the user will be deleted. For this reason was added this feature in the apps.
  • My Team widget – the widget My Team from dashboard was disabled for team’s member, was blocked the page Plans for team’s member and upgrade’s links were removed too.
  • RSS Section – was moved in the Posts app. Since more apps will have a RSS section, i’ve moved RSS section in the Posts’s app and was improved. The Faq can be enabled or disabled from Admin Panel -> Apps.
  • Imgur – Imgur can display your photos in a hour to more than 100 people i’ve added the possibility to publish photos in the gallery and will be indexed by Google. Please remember Imgur could easy ban you for abuse(ban means your photos will be hidden for a period).
  • Inbox’s app – is an universal application which allows to add all your inboxes(emails, twitter, google, etc) and automatize them. By default you have Facebook Pages where you can reply to messages manually, see them, see the author, create quick replies and private messages for each page. The Inbox app has a plan limit for bot’s messages. Later will be added other limits for plans. I’m sorry but is not possible to use the alternative Facebook classes for this app. I’ve tried but is not possible.
  • Networks – networks doesn’t mean more social networks. I’ve added a type field for each Networks. The accounts manager in Midrub will be the same but networks will be displayed based on types. For example in the Inbox’s app is displayed only Facebook Pages now. In the Ads Manager will be displayed only networks which supports ads. On new Emails app will be displayed the networks which supports smtp. On the Posts app you can see only Networks which has post, rss or insights type.
  • URL Shortener – in the Posts’s app was added support for url Shortener. By default will be used Midrub Shortener and you have the option in admin to enable Google Shortener. In near future will be added more options.
  • Posting Error – in the History tab you will see posting errors for each social account. Users will see posting errors for both manual and RSS’s posts.
  • Bots name and description – was added now the possibity to add original name for each bot(only admin will see real name). Same for description. You have to edit the Bots classes which are standalone.

The update will be uploaded on 14 december on CodeCanyon.

Will be provided a list with all translation words added/removed and a video how to update Midrub in 3-5 minutes manually.