The Midrub version is coming with more new features:

  1. New User Settings Page – the user’s Settings page has a new design which will integrate all settings, api’s apps, invoices, plan usage, connected services via api, 2 factor authentication, etc. In the Settings page users will be able to control their payment subscriptions.
  2. Plan Usage – now users will be able to see for what they’re paying and will see what missing.
  3. Settings Invoices – users will see in this section all their invoices and they will be able to print them.
  4. New modern Faq Section – with advanced tickets and categories(this feature will be in this version but in beta 1 is not available).
  5. Hashtags Support – now hashtags are supported by Imgur, Medium and Tumblr. You have to add #hashtag in the post’s message.
  6. Instagram Replies – now you can reply to Instagram comments as reply.
  7. Hooks for Apps – this is an essential feature added for apps. Without it the apps are useless. In the next week i will create a developer documentation where i will explain step by step how to add new features in Midrub.
  8. User Settings for Apps – now you can create a custom class with settings for each Midrub’s app which will be displayed in the user Settings page.
  9. RSS Attached Images – now RSS Feed can read the attached images as files

Fixed bugs:

  1. Improved the Midrub’s menu icon and font.
  2. Pagination for RSS posts history.
  3. Changed colors for social buttons.
  4. Improved the RSS Posts widget from the Dashboard’s app.
  5. Improved Midrub for mobile compatibility

Fixed vulnerabilities:

  1. All user’s options now are restricted. Them will be saved only if are present in my default list or if are present in a Midrub’s application.

In the Plan Usage you will not see the Emails because Emails is not a Midrub’s app. In the next month i’m going to develop an inteligent Email’s app which will be like you have always wanted and you will get it for free because the actual Email section will be removed as soon as Emails app will be ready.