In this version will be added more new features and will be rewritten several existing features. I didn’t have time to finish this update and for this reason i will release it in two etaps.

New Features:

  • Storage app – at this time has file manager and categories but image editor comming in the next week.
  • Updated Linkedin api and now is possible to publish in Linkedin profiles. We’ve applied for partnership(made more requests) and as soon will be approved, will be added companies and groups. Old library for Linkedin Companies is still available but i don’t know how long will work.
  • New Admin Settings page – will be released in the next week.
  • Affiliates section based on coupon codes – will be released in the next week.
  • Download Photos from url.
  • Popular Hashtags suggestions – will be in the next week.
  • Option to enable url field – will be in the next week.

After these changes Midrub will be ready for a professional api and themes support + a default modern theme with professional design.