This update has more bug fixes for mobile and baby screen compatibility. Please get it and report me anytime you’re seeing a bug for responsive.

New features:

  • Added delete post button for scheduled RSS’s posts.
  • Added account list for selected Group i the history tab for both manual posts and rss posts.
  • Integrated the media deletion hook in the Posts and now you won’t see more wrong links for deleted images added to a post.


  • Fixed responsive bugs.
  • Fixed css errors.
  • Fixed drag and drop media.

Soon will be available the Midrub’s api which i’m integraing now in the Android client for Midrub.

You can get Midrub Beta 3 from CodeCanyon. Froom July you will get all updates from admin with a click.

Please remember to update vendor too if you have Facebook Ads Manager. Because i’ve installed there the Facebook Business SDK. Please remember to install again the libraries you’ve installed via vendor(instagram, pinterest, etc).