The Android app is finally ready, i will do some improvements in this week and you can use it. I can provide it by email. In the next month i will develop even for iOS. You can read about the Midrub Android app here

The Midrub’s Api is ready too and you can now use it as described here

Last improvements:

  • Now you can translate the Schedules Calendar your language. To translate the calendar, please copy the url with the language you want from here And in your new application/apps/collection/posts/language/english/posts_user_lang.php add this language key $lang[“calendar_language”] with the copied url.
  • In Admin -> Settings -> Users -> Remove IP restriction for new users if is enabled, users will be able to signup from same ip multiple times.
  • In User -> Settings -> Posts you have the option Use images from RSS Posts links which allows to parse images from RSS Posts url in original format. This option can be useful for Instagram and other social networks.
  • Added support for videos in Faq Articles.

In the next week will be update with Midrub themes and redesigned Admin which is cool now.