I’m writing on what i’m working in this update but it is not ready. I’ve released today the beta 1 with solution for images ratio preservation and a file which missed in the last update.

New Features

  • Midrub api with permissions requests like on Facebook and token generation. Api features are dynamic.
  • Two new options for RSS to include post’s html and disable url posting.
  • Android client to post official on Instagram without any requirements.
  • Posts Reports based on selected time, social network and accounts.
  • Button to delete schedulig RSS posts.
  • Planner’s widget to plan posts.

Fixed bugs

  • Mantain aspect ratio for images.

I’m working on the first Midrub’s theme and design preview i will have at the end of this month. In the next month comming Midrub’s themes with html/css/js support. You will be able to create your themes and manage them from admin.

In this update you have to download again full code from CodeCanyon. I will say when. From July all updates for all Midrub’s components will come from Admin panel. And you won’t take care more for complex manual update.