The main feature in this is a new Midrub core, professional, easy to use, with new kind of hooks support, improved to load faster, more clean code, cool strategies, themes support, support to custom panel access, admin pages and user pages.

The new core will support plugins installation, and soon automatic updates for each component, theme or user’s app. The new core will support multilanguages but the translation will be a headache due to a large number of files to translate. Since all Midrub’s feature will be dynamic, i can’t save all Midrub’s words in a file or several files.

First beta version don’t has the new core, but the new core will be available in this week.

In the beta 1:

  • I’ve added Ebay class in autopost, it is used i the new Midrub’s app, but also i’m going to release in this week a new version for Midrub Stream with a template for orders notiification.
  • Fixed the bug with click on Advaced in Email composer.
  • Fixed the bug with text formatting after paste from history’s list.
  • Added Twitter Insights support.
  • Restored in Admin -> Networks -> Pinterest the option to allow users to use their app.
  • Increased the api’s token life to a year.


New admin and themes coming in this week:

The next Midrub’s theme will be a documentation theme, where i will explain anything about how to customize Midrub and i will have a new Youtube Channel only for tutorials.

The first beta will be available today from admin.


Please remember,¬†read_page_mailboxes isn’t available more and i’ve removed it from Facebook Pages request. If you didn’t got permission page_messaging, please contact me before because Inbox will stop to work.¬†