If you have Facebook Ads Manager, please wait several hours until will be available a new version of the Facebook Ads Manager on CodeCanyon because the Facebook Business library was updated.

Now is required PHP 7.0+ to run Midrub.

New Features:

  • Was changed the Midrub’s Core and in the following months the new core will replace all existing Midrub’s structure and you will have only application/base and assets/base as Midrub’s core. Other folders will be CodeIgniter’s folders/files.
  • Midrub’s themes allows you to develop your own theme by using html code. In the new public documentation you will have instructions about how to create Midrub’s themes.
  • Removed accounts pagination option from user’s settings. Now by default is enabled.


  • If a social network is disabled, connected accounts won’t be more displayed.

If you have translated Midrub, you can see the last added words here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1w6nrrbTevcoxoMf_PJp1GOMLHmvNtLOS


In the next week i will release the final update. In 2-3 days will be available a new update with dynamic meta. Them are important to allow you to add easily new videos in the home page, add new questions, etc.

This update is big and you can get it from CodeCanyon. Automatic updates for life will be possible in august or september 2019. I need to rewrite all admin’s pages in this time.

Next interesting feature in Midrub is new Notification component, which will allow you to run inteligent campaigns based on user data, language, plans, etc. And ads will be supported too.

After this the goal is to improve teams in user dashboard, users in admin and to develop a more professional payment system.

There are new redirects for social login:






Them are temporary, you can edit them if you want.