As i written more times the version Midrub Beta is unstable because i’ve changed the Midrub’s core and some features i’ve missed to add(like cron.php file, referrals, etc.). Beta 4 has less bugs but i need anyway another 2-3 days to release the final.

What contains this update:

  • In this beta i’ve restored support for referrals and now referrals are registered for both email and social signup.
  • There was a problem with new social classes, signup had a bug. I’ve fixed and now signup works correctly.
  • Added a new hook for Frontend contents to keep clean the menu which has selected pages.
  • Improved the urls creator for frontend to avoid dupplicates.
  • Now contents in the select page buttons from the Admin Frontend Component will be displayed only if them has an active category. If a theme has custom contents categories, and is disabled, it’s contents won’t be displayed anywhere if same contents category isn’t available.

Yesterday i’ve started to develop the second Midrub theme for documentation. In the next week Midrub will have an advanced online documentation.

Midrub Docs