The Midrub’s frontend is almost ready and it has more pages: Home Page, Plans, Contact Us, About Us, Guides, Report a bug, Terms and conditions, Privacy policy and Cookies.

Before signup, now people will select a plan to signup. You can enable trial for each plan and you can mark as featured two plans to be displayed in the home page. Were added two new fields: First Name and Last Name in the signup form.

The Guides page contains the guides to help users to understand how works Midrub. From the Admin Panel you can add new guides, add a cover photo and publish/update. The last two guides will be displayed in the frontend.

The contact page has a contact form with captcha and you can add any text from admin for the contact page.

The About Us page is simple, it might contains text and photos.

You can also add/edit the text for the pages Terms and conditions, Privacy policy and Cookies from admin, no more languages files for these.

If user has selected a trial plan, will get the first month, year, etc. for free, after will be asked to pay. If user has selected a paid plan, will have to pay before start to use Midrub.

From tomorow will be added detailed guides for each new features. New frontend features will have the category Frontend.