In this post i will explain step by step how is possible to custom the Midrub Home Page. All content on the home page can be managed from admin. You can easily change the page title, favicon, meta description, meta keywords, etc.

In the video below, you can watch how to change the frontend logo, header title, short description, button text and under button text.

Now Midrub support the trial plans. If you setup a plan to have trial, the first month will be enabled automatically. Please watch the video below:

You can display two featured plans in the home page, the displayed plans must be saved as featured from admin.

In the video below you will see how to change the Home Page Header colors and add a background’s image.

In other post i will explain how to add custom styles from admin.

If you have added Guides, in the Home Page will be displayed the last 2 guides

The contact us details from the home page can be edited from Admin Panel -> Settings -> Customizations -> Contents -> Home Page

In the footer of each frontend page you can add a short description about us. The social links available are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Can be added other.