New Midrub’s app is called Inbox and it allows to integrate all services like Facebook Page Inbox, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter Private Messages, Instagram, etc. It is universal and you can add in it your service.

This app has a main dropdown from which you can change the network. For example you want to read private messages from Twitter and you will click on Twitter to get all accounts, then you will be able to see the list with all connected Twitter’s accounts, and with a click on each account, you will get the list with private messages.

At this moment the Inbox app has only Facebook Pages, where you can reply to private messages, you can get all conversations, read the last messages. Each Inbox’s networks has automatizations. For example for Facebook Pages you can create quick replies and private messages which will be sent to users which comment the posts from your Facebook page. The Inbox app provides the easiest way to subscribe a Facebook Page to the Inbox’s bot. Please remember, you can’t have connected same Facebook Pages in more user accounts.

This app will be provided as a gift, but i’m not sure if all networks provided further will be free.