Midrub Inlike is the last Midrub’s bot. With Midrub’s inlike you can find new photos on Instagram, like and unlike them. The Inlike bot allows you to search first locations by using a city. If the city may have a popular name, used for other cities in other countries, use city(dot)country to find locations.

You can search locations in any languages. You can use any alphabet to search locations. You can save the locations and the last photos related to the location.

You can manage your saved locations:

  • See the related photos
  • You have a direct link too the user page
  • You can like/unlike the photos manually
  • You can like/unlike the photos automatically
  • You can delete the locations with a click
  • A liked photo will not be more liked if you will not delete the locations

This bot will not work without a simple configuration. Go to your Google Console, select the project you’re using for your Midrub’s installation. Enable the library¬†Google Maps Geocoding API.