The first Midrub’s bot is Promotis. I will not explain how useful is this bot, because if you now how works Facebook, you will understand fast what you can do with Promotis.

Promotis is a Monitoris’s child and it is based on the Monitoris tool. If you want to use this bot, you need to enable even Monitoris.

How works Promotis? Promotis takes all published posts from your Facebook Profile, Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages. Then, for each post you can create a list with comments which will be published automatically on Facebook after some time.

Promotis Features

  • Comments may contain images, text or url
  • You can create a list with bookmarked posts
  • You can deleteĀ  the comments and get information about the last published comments
  • You can easily look each post in Monitoris from Promotis

I’m going to add in the next month an auto-reply feature which will allow to create a list with words and comments based on these words if them are present in the published comments.

In the video bellow you can see how works the Promotis bot:


You can use Promotis only if you have the publish_actions permission.