Please read this article before contact me, because i will explain here how the Referrals feature works.

First of all, if you want to use the Referrals feature, you have to enable it from admin panel(Admin Panel -> Settings -> Affiliates -> Reports -> Settings -> Enable Referrals).

You can select from the same page if revenue will be exact(Example 5 $ for signup) or based on percentage(2% for sale). Then go to each plan and in the General tab add percentage or exact price(only a number).

Now users can share their referral link and for each signup they will be saved as referrer. Once the referred user will pay for a plan in Midrub, the referrer will receive revenue.

Notifications aren’t exists for now because i’m going to rewrite the Notifications feature in Midrub.

Users can contact you by opening a ticket and ask for gained money. Once you will send money, you can mark as paid from the Admin Panel.