In the next update Midrub will have a new Settings page in the user panel. This page allows to read in the dynamic way the apps usage per plan, options for users and soon will read permissions for api. In the Settings page are displayed only options which user can access. If someone will create a new Midrub’s app will be able to add in the app even options for user’s settings page and api.

The Settings page displays the plan usage and users can see what they can do with the selected plan. Invoices are displayed too and users can print them. I think to add even non paid invoices where people will pay with a click.

Now the password can be changed in professional way:

Same for account deletion

But i think to add here only deletion scheduling and the account will be deleted after 30 days.

I need to make a profesional FAQ Page with Tickets but soon will be possible to manage the Api’s applications and asks permissions for Midrub’s Api directly from the Settings page.