The new Midrub social accounts manager was moved in the Posts section and users can add connect accounts and manage them with a click. Now users can even manage their accounts groups directly from the Posts section.

The Posts section uses a lot of resources for the existing features and for this reason the popup of the new Midrub social accounts manager is empty when the page loads. But the the accounts and groups will be added when you will click the first time on the button


If you have a fast server, the popup loads in one second. If you have a server from Godaddy or Namecheap will be required 3-4 seconds. Even a shared hosting can load the popup in 1 second.

The new Midrub social accounts manager has two sections:

  • Accounts – where you can connect accounts, renew expired sessions(for now only expires for Linkedin) and delete accounts. You will see a list with allowed social networks for your plan. For each social network i’ve added instructions where i’ve explained how to use them. You can edit instructions from the language files. Expired session are displayed above the active accounts. You can’t delete them. But you can renew and after delete.
  • Groups – where you can create new grooups, delete groups, add accounts in groups and delete accounts from groups. I’ve removed the tool Groups Accounts and now you can enable Groups instead accounts from user settings.

Once the RSS will be moved in Posts, you will be able to select groups even for rss.

You can watch in the video below how to renew a session:

You can watch in the video below how to connect accounts and delete them:

You can watch in the video below how to manage the groups:

When you close the Midrub social accounts manager the list with accounts in composer and insights will be refreshed. The pagination was removed, now are disoplayed all accounts/groups/pages. If you have more than 20 accounts per network, you can use the search input to filter them.

When you’re adding an account to a group it will be marked as added and you can’t add it again in same group. If people will ask a solution for multi group(more than 20) i can add a search input in the dropdown and display only 10 by default.

The old Networks section was removed and Midrub social accounts manager was created from scratch.

At this moment Midrub has a missing verification feature for Linkedin companies, Blogger blogs, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, etc. them are restricted per accounts not per connected items. I’m going to add in this or next month a solution in the popup where users will select them from a list and will be a restriction per plan too.