In this update i’ve fixed severalĀ small issues:

  • Publish url on Tumblr
  • Monitoris Reply to Twitter
  • The problem with slashes in the RSS’s posts was solved

I’ve improved the Visual Email Template Composer:

  • Added padding 15 to header, body and footer.
  • Added for Statistics “No statistics found.” if statistics are not available for chosen template or campaign(New key in user language file).

Added new features for RSS Feeds section:

I’ve added support for images but Midrub now supports images from 3 kind of RSS Feeds(it’s not my fault if someone doesn’t respect the standards). If the images from your RSS Feed aren’t supported, give me the url and i need several minutes to add support.

To publish photos on Instagram from RSS it’s not possible because the imagesĀ from RSS don’t meet Instagram expected resolution. But you can try if you want. Because i don’t know how looks the images in all RSS’s feeds. On Pinterest won’t be published icons from rss.