In this update I’ve added a new section called Bots. In this section will be added a lot of bots for social networks and messengers. All bots will respect the social networks “Terms and Conditions”. I want to avoid any legal problem, and Instagram bots or bots for Facebook will be based on the official api.

The first bot is Promotis. With the Promotis bot you can create a list of comments which will be added on a post which you want to promote. The comments will be published automatically and deleted when you will decide. Each comment can contain photo, text or link. The photo will be uploaded as a photo. You have the option, if someone have replied to a comment, you can decide to not delete more the comment and not publish again. In the next month, i’m going to add even the possibility to reply to any reply.

In this update, i’ve added even a new tool, called Emails Planner. The tool is similar to the tool Posts Planner. You can decide when an email will be sent.

In this update, i’ve added even a new payment gateway, 2checkout. You can use it to receive payments from the users.

I’ve improved Pinterest, now you can publish posts with links and photos. I’ve improved the RSS reader, now it can copy a photo from the text content.

In the next 2 months i will release updates with bots and i will improve the existing features.

For all bots i’ve added a single cron command:

wget -O –spider >/dev/null 2>&1

Email Planner has too a new cron command

wget -O –spider 2>&1

If you use the file cron.php, the cron command already is present there.