In this update i’ve added the Teams feature which allows to any user to create a team and allow to members to use any Midrub’s feature.

I’ve added the third way to publish posts on Google Plus. In the documentation you will find instructions about how to configure Google Plus. It’s easy and you can publish text, links and photos on Google Plus. People can connect even their RSS Feeds and publish on Google Plus without restrictions.

The new way to publish on Google Plus is non standard way, but is stable. If you like it, i can add in a short time in the same way Instagram and will be stable.

I’ve started in this month to optimize the Midrub’s code. You can see that already in all autopost’s classes. I will optimize almost all code and hope in the next month i will finish and i will add api and other promised features. The optimization is important and for this reason i can’t provide more updates from admin because the number of edited files will be too large and more people will have problems to update from admin.

I will upload the update on CodeCanyon, if you will ask it from tomorow, i will send it by email.