Please remember to backup the files application/config/database.php and application/config/config.php. And remember to backup the folders assets/img and assets/share. After copy two folders: application and assets from zip. In this version you need to copy even the files index.php and update.php. Then restore the backup. You need 5 minutes to update Midrub via Cpanel.

The new Midrub’s version is ready and this version coming with two new features: Retweet Bot and Invoice Generator.

  • The Retweet Bot allows you to create a list with Twitter accounts for each Twitter account you want. When you will publish a tweet, all selected Twitter accounts will retweet your tweet.
  • Invoice Generator allows you to create a custom invoice(html code is supported), and at each payment will be sent an invoice to the user. From admin you can  manage all invoices.

Was upgraded CodeIgniter from 3.1.4 to 3.1.8.

Was enabled the automatic updates and next updates you will be able to get with a click from admin.

Was updated the application/autopost/Instagram.php class and now supports only the last Instagram private library version.

The Invoice’s widget from admin’s panel now works.