From this version Midrub supports the recurring payments via PayPal with multiple verification to ensure if user are paying what you’re expecting. Another new feature in Midrub is the Midrub Planner which allows you to see the scheduled posts and emails in a calendar. You can schedule new posts and emails with a click.

To enable the recurring payments via PayPal, you have to add in Admin Panel -> Settings -> PayPal the Api Username, Api Password, Signature and enable recurring payments. If you want to use the recurring payments, please contact me by email and i will provide a new video.

To enable the Planner, you just need to enable it from Admin Panel -> Settings.

Please, you have to update the PayPal Address and Identity Token in the Admin Panel even if you will not use the recurring payments.

Now you can get this version from admin panel, but in several days i wil upload even on CodeCanyon. If you have a problem with the generation of update’s code, please contact me and i will help.