Please remember to backup the files application/config/database.php and application/config/config.php if you want to update mannually. And remember to backup the folders assets/img and assets/share. If you have translated Midrub, you have to backup your language files too. After copy two folders: application and assets from zip. In this version you need to copy even the files index.php and update.php. Then restore the backup. You need 5 minutes to update Midrub via Cpanel.

Please, update Midrub in a professional way. Create a dev installation, install there the last Midrub’s version, test it, if don’t works let me know and i will fix any discover bug. If works as expected, update your main installation.¬†

Please, backup the alternative files for Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus or other social networks from application/autopost which i’ve provided by email.¬†Then, restore them.


In this update was added Home Page, Plans, Contact Us, About Us, Guides, Report a bug, Terms and conditions, Privacy policy and Cookies.

Now you can allow to users to use your plans in trial mode, mark them as featured to be displayed in the home page. The frontent text and styles can be customized from the admin panel.

This update is not possible to get from the admin panel, because i’ve updated more than 100 files and to avoid problem with server limits of someone, i’ve decided to upload only on CodeCanyon.

In this month will be replaced fully the posts page with a modern composer, preview, gallery and account selection.