Recently Facebook have changed their api, and now the parameter “published” for /me/photos is not supported more. I’ve used this parameter to hide uploaded photos. Without this parameter, the photos will be published twice(once for upload and second for publish).

I’ve tried many parameters to get an alternative for the parameter “published”, and i’ve discover the parameter “no_story” which works almost in the same way.

To fix uploading of the photos on Facebook, please open the file application/autopost/Facebook.php and replace the parameter “published” with “no_story” in the code

$postu = $this->fb->post(‘/me/photos’, [‘url’ => $args[‘img’], ‘published’ => FALSE], $user_details[0]->token);

Another changes i’ve discover for /me/feed. Now the parameter “attached_media[0]” is not supported more. To fix this, i’ve replaced it with the parameter “object_attachment” in the line 475.

Just replace the code:

$data = [‘message’ => $post, ‘attached_media[0]’ => ‘{“media_fbid”:”‘ . $mo[‘id’] . ‘”}’];


$data = [‘message’ => $post, ‘object_attachment’ => $mo[‘id’]];

Please pay attention to the quotes for the string above.

For Groups and Pages you don’t need to change nothing.

I will release a new update in several days and the changes will be added.