From version Midrub has social preview in the Posts app. This feature allows to see preview of posts before publish them on social network. From beta 3 you have only Twitter and Facebook as preview, but soon will be added Instagram, VK and other. The preview is generated in real time. I’m going to use it to display even the post’s limit reached, for example on Twitter.

If you have Facebook Ads Manager, please wait several hours until will be available a new version of the Facebook Ads Manager on CodeCanyon because the Facebook Business library was updated. Now is required PHP 7.0+ to run Midrub. New Features: Was changed the Midrub’s Core and in the following months the new core will replace all existing Midrub’s structure and you will have only application/base and assets/base as Midrub’s core. Other folders will be CodeIgniter’s folders/files. Midrub’s themes allows you to develop your own theme by using html code. In the new public documentation you will have instructions about how to create Midrub’s themes. Removed accounts pagination option from user’s settings. Now by default is enabled. Fixes: If a[…]

In this version i’ve added support for the autopost’s class Instagram Profiles and now you can use both Instagram Insights and Instagram Profiles to publish via Android app. I have screencast for Instagram Profiles and permission isn’t hard to get. Now if someone selects multiple accounts for posting, will see in Queue for each account a post. And i’ve improved the photo quality for captured photos. Files edited: Midrub\app\src\main\java\com\midrub\midrub\sevice\ Midrub\app\src\main\java\com\midrub\midrub\activity\ Midrub\app\src\main\java\com\midrub\midrub\activity\ Midrub\app\src\main\java\com\midrub\midrub\adapters\ Midrub\app\src\main\java\com\midrub\midrub\adapters\ Midrub\app\src\main\java\com\midrub\midrub\adapters\ Midrub\app\src\main\java\com\midrub\midrub\adapters\ Midrub\app\src\main\java\com\midrub\midrub\adapters\ Midrub\app\src\main\res\values\strings.xml

The main feature in this is a new Midrub core, professional, easy to use, with new kind of hooks support, improved to load faster, more clean code, cool strategies, themes support, support to custom panel access, admin pages and user pages. The new core will support plugins installation, and soon automatic updates for each component, theme or user’s app. The new core will support multilanguages but the translation will be a headache due to a large number of files to translate. Since all Midrub’s feature will be dynamic, i can’t save all Midrub’s words in a file or several files. First beta version don’t has the new core, but the new core will be available in this week. In the[…]

Today i’ve written a new autopost’s class which allows to connect all Instagram accounts. The class is called Instagram_insights and was developed for mobile clients. Current Instagram_insights class allows to connect only Instagram business accounts and get insights/reply to comments. The new class allows to connect all Instagram accounts but it don’t supports insights and comments because is based on Instagram api, not Facebook Graph. The configuration is simply, you have to register a new client here Copy the Client ID/Client Secret and paste in Midrub Admin -> Networks -> Instagram Profiles The callback used in the created Client should be (replace with yours). Then you have to ask for review because your app will be in sandbox mode. Please[…]

A new update is available for the Midrub Android app. The update is available by request and contains several improvements. Improvements: Added support for groups with accounts. If user has enabled the groups mode in his Midrub’s account, will see groups even on Android. Adjusted navigation buttons to have correct position. Added clipboard copy support. Now you can compose a post from your desktop browser and after you just will paste on Android Instagram. Same way has Hootsuite and Buffer.

As i written several days ago, i’ve added support for Facebook live videos. The option is called Facebook Live instead Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups or Facebook. This option allows to create live videos with pre recorded videos on Facebook Pages. Videos can be published in real time or scheduled. Title and description fields are supported. The problem with live videos on Facebook is in permission. I don’t know if Facebook will approve permissions for pre recorded videos. You can try yourself to get them. Without permissions is possible to publish pre recorded videos only if user is a tester, developer or administrator in Facebook application. And if you have an application created after 1 may 2018, the application should be[…]

After many tests i was ready to upload videos as live in Facebook profile and page. From friday 31/5 i can provide the class which will allow your users to share videos as live on Facebook Pages. I can provide even for Facebook Profiles, but there is required the permission publish_video which i doubt Facebook will approve it with pre recorded videos. If you want this feature, prepare your server for FFMPEGG. I will check to add same even for Youtube.

A new update is available for Midrub Inbox. From 30 april 2019 the permission read_page_mailboxes is deprecated and can’t be requested. You can use it with Midrub Inbox until the end of this year. In the new Midrub Inbox version i’ve adapted it to get the pages_messaging permission requested by Midrub Inbox.

The Android app is finally ready, i will do some improvements in this week and you can use it. I can provide it by email. In the next month i will develop even for iOS. You can read about the Midrub Android app here The Midrub’s Api is ready too and you can now use it as described here Last improvements: Now you can translate the Schedules Calendar your language. To translate the calendar, please copy the url with the language you want from here And in your new application/apps/collection/posts/language/english/posts_user_lang.php add this language key $lang[“calendar_language”] with the copied url. In Admin -> Settings -> Users -> Remove IP restriction for new users if is enabled, users will be able to[…]