From the next update Midrub will allow you to add from admin the analytics code. The analytics code can be added from Admin Panel -> Settings -> Customizations -> Contents -> Footer -> Enter the analytics code. Sorry for delay with the new update, there are too many changes and i need ensure anything will work as expected. In two days i will release the update. Now i should only test anything.

The new Midrub Signup has 2 new fields(First Name and Last Name) and you have to select the plan before signup. The new Midrub signup allows you to signup with a trial plan or paid plan. If the plan don’t has trial, the user will not have more access to the dashboard until will pay. If user didn’t paid, it will be redirected to a page where will be only the payment box. And user can use coupons if has. If user has selected a trial plan, will get for free the plan for the first month or year(depends on the plan period). After the user will have to pay. If user signup via social network, will have to select[…]

Midrub frontend has optionally contact page. By default is enabled but you can enable it from admin. You can enable in the contact page a contact form(emails are sent to your contact email from config.php). You can add even a page title and body(additional contact data). If you want to enable the Google Map, you need to enable the library Maps JavaScript API in your Google App. After copy the api key and enter in the Contact Us section from admin. If you want to use the contact form, you have to configure the reCAPTCHA and paste the site key in the Contact Us section from admin. For more details, please watch the video below:

In the Midrub now you have the option to enable the page’s About Us. In this page you can write something about your business and upload a photo. At this moment the page editor is really basic but i will add Summernote even for About Us Page. You can watch in the video below how to enable and edit the page About Us:

From the next update Midrub will provide the Guides section available in the frontend. The Guides section will contain detailed information about how works Midrub. Each guide could contain a cover, title, short description and large description. The last two guides will be displayed in the home page. Maybe i will add the option to decide which guide will be displayed in the home page. The text from the page Guides can be edited from Admin Panel -> Settings -> Customizations -> Guides The Guides page from admin uses the text editor Summernote and you can create advanced guides with text, links and images.

In this post i will explain step by step how is possible to custom the Midrub Home Page. All content on the home page can be managed from admin. You can easily change the page title, favicon, meta description, meta keywords, etc. In the video below, you can watch how to change the frontend logo, header title, short description, button text and under button text. Now Midrub support the trial plans. If you setup a plan to have trial, the first month will be enabled automatically. Please watch the video below: You can display two featured plans in the home page, the displayed plans must be saved as featured from admin. In the video below you will see how to[…]

From the 1 august the default classes Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups will need approved permissions. Now to get permissions you need an official business. You don’t need to pay nothing. Just an official business. Facebook will approve the permissions and once you will sign in a contract with Facebook, you will be able to get all permissions. I’m going to redesign full the user dashboard and you will get advanced insights for Facebook. Will be integrated other Facebook features too, like autoreply to comments, instant articles, messenger, etc. The permission to publish on profile will not be more available, but you can turn your Facebook profile in a page and publish, get insights and comments from Midrub. Please,[…]

The Midrub’s frontend is almost ready and it has more pages: Home Page, Plans, Contact Us, About Us, Guides, Report a bug, Terms and conditions, Privacy policy and Cookies. Before signup, now people will select a plan to signup. You can enable trial for each plan and you can mark as featured two plans to be displayed in the home page. Were added two new fields: First Name and Last Name in the signup form. The Guides page contains the guides to help users to understand how works Midrub. From the Admin Panel you can add new guides, add a cover photo and publish/update. The last two guides will be displayed in the frontend. The contact page has a contact[…]

Please remember to backup the files application/config/database.php and application/config/config.php if you want to update mannually. And remember to backup the folders assets/img and assets/share. If you have translated Midrub, you have to backup your language files too. After copy two folders: application and assets from zip. In this version you need to copy even the files index.php and update.php. Then restore the backup. You need 5 minutes to update Midrub via Cpanel. In this update was adapted the alternative Facebook classes for Midrub statistics. When i will finish to redesign Midrub, will be added the possibility to reply to the comments on the published posts and alternative classes will be implemented too. New Features: Telegram Channels Telegram Groups Was removed[…]