The version Midrub will be complete in short time(2 – 3 weeks). Main feature will be a new Notification page. As soon will be ready complete the version, i will move apps inside the new core and the Notification feature will be one of the top feature in Midrub. Also i will create a new 404 page. In this update you will find the Instagram post preview.

Midrub has a new feature, which allows to get popular hashtags based on a word or hashtag. This feature could be enabled first from the Admin -> Posts -> Enable Hashtags Suggestion Once enabled from admin, users will see the option in Users -> Settings -> Posts. By default only Twitter Hashtags is enabled, but if for the user plan is enabled Instagram Insights, will be available even Instagram Hashtags Search.  

In this update was improved Imgur, was add accounts connector in the Insights -> Accounts, was added proxy field support for Instagram and were fixed many minor issues. New features: Now for Imgur you can select the album were the post will be published. For Instagram you can add a proxy. From this week i will start to test publishing with official Instagram api. Was added button in Insights -> Accounts to connect accounts directly in the Insights tab. Now you can sign in even with email and password. For team is not possible yet, but will be added by request. I’ve started already to create a modern design for RSS tab in Posts and in this week will be ready.[…]

Midrub provides now the possibility to get Instagram insights for single media upload and accounts. The insights are provided in real time and Midrub uses for this the official Instagram api. From the Insights tab is possible even to get a list with photos/videos for each connected accounts, get comments and reply to the media’s comments. You can delete the comments/replies and delete medias. Soon will be added new features in Midrub based on the official api.

In the last update was updated the Midrub’s bot, called Inlike. Now it searches photos based on hashtags. You need to know the hashtags available on Instagram, not all words are hashtags. You can manage your saved searches: See the related photos You have a direct link too the user page You can like/unlike the photos manually You can like/unlike the photos automatically You can delete the saved search with a click A liked photo will not be more liked if you will not delete the saved searches The speed of automatic follows depends on your cron jobs. 4 cron calls = 1 follow. If your server runs the cron commans once in 15 minutes, will be followed 1 user[…]

Please remember to backup the files application/config/database.php and application/config/config.php if you want to update mannually. And remember to backup the folders assets/img and assets/share. If you have translated Midrub, you have to backup your language files too. After copy two folders: application and assets from zip. In this version you need to copy even the files index.php and update.php. Then restore the backup. You need 5 minutes to update Midrub via Cpanel. In this version was added a new source where to publish photos. Now you can publish Instagram Stories. you can read more about here

From the next update Midrub will allow you to publish stories in your Instagram account. To publish Stories you have to connect all your Instagram accounts in the page Instagram Stories from Midrub’s Networks. When you will want to publish a story, you will have to open the Instagram Stories and select the account where you want publish the story. Soon Midrub will be redesigned and will have a professional design like on popular social companies. The next update will be available in 2 days.

While we wait until the official Instagram api will available for public(now is in beta version, i’ve written a new Instagram publish class which allows to publish on Instagram without errors. The class will be available from the next update. You have to turn your Instagram account in Business account. You can do that from your mobile Instagram app. The new class for now allows to publish photos, no stories and video.

In this post i will provide a simple guide about how to fix the checkpoint_required error for Instagram. It’s a temporary solution, but i think soon will be ready something more stable. How to fix the checkpoint_required error: Go to Instagram Sign In and click on Click on the link Temporarily disable my account Disable your account After several hours, go again to Reset your password You will receive the reset link by email Change your password but don’t log in then Go to Midrub and Connect your account with the new password.  

Dmitas is the last Midrub’s bot which allows you to follow back all users. Dmitas follow back any new Instagram user and sends a direct message. With this bot you can create a custom message for all your Instagram accounts and it will follow back all people which will follow you. Dmitas provides a list with all new followed users and you can see which have received successfully a direct message and which not. Dmitas shows even statistics with number of new friends and which had received a direct message. Dmitas doesn’t require any configuration. You have enable any Instagram account to follow back all your new followers. Remember: Dmitas follows back only new followers. If you add your message,[…]