If in a script is not required the PayPal Identity Token and you just add the email address for PayPal payments(just email, no api or identity token), the payment PayPal system is good for nothing, because with a simple url success you can upgrade your plan with a fake transaction. For this reason Midrub uses the Identity Token to verify if the payment was done as expected, expected money value and if transaction wasn’t done before. You can read here How to get the PayPal Identity Token For a success payment verification, you have to add in your plan the price with decimals. And you have to add correct Currency Code supported by PayPal https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/currency_codes/

From the next update Midrub will support the recurring payments. The recurring payments will be available for PayPal and if you want to use it, contact me and i will provide more details. The recurring payments requires to add in the admin panel: PayPal API username PayPal API password PayPal Signature The recurring payments works in this way: User subscribe to a plan. If user decides to change the plan, the old PayPal subscription will be deleted automatically and created new for the new plan. If user deletes the subscription from PayPal, the subscription will be deleted even from Midrub. The user subscription will be automatically renewed(even on Midrub). Your plan must have a month or a year period.

Why you need PayPal Identity Token in Midrub? Someone can redirect manually a link to your website and upgrade the plan without paying. But with PayPal Identity Token we can verify the redirected token if is valid, already exists in your database or the payment value is exact for the choosen plan. Where can you get the PayPal Identity Token? You need a Business PayPal account, but don’t worry, you don’t need to pay nothing. For each transaction PayPal will take 0.50$. If you have already a Business PayPal account, sign in and click on the Profile -> Profile and settings -> My selling tools -> Website preferences(Update) -> Copy the PayPal Identity Token and add in Midrub. You can[…]