The next Midrub’s version will allow you to create a customized invoice model, send to user at each payment and manage the generated invoices. You will see the invoice status, details and you will be able to send again the invoice or delete. For now Midrub supports only the [username] placeholder which will be replaced with the user’s username. The Taxes value must be a number. If you add 2 will be 2%. The taxes will be calculated from the total price. For example: Your plan worth 10 $, taxes/fees is 20 %, amount will be 8 $ and taxes/fees 2 $ Please watch the video bellow:

From the next week, in admin’s dashboard will be displayed 4 new widgets: Received Earnings, Registered Users, User Activities and Generated Invoices. Whereas Midrub is a web marketing platform, other statistics you will be able to customize based on your preferences. But these widgets will be permanent. I will try to explain for what is useful each widget: Received Earnings – will display initially the earnings, but i’m going to add links for each number and you will be able to get details about each payment. Registered Users – will display the missing number of total users, and number of users registered in the last 30 days. I’m going to add links for each number and you will get detailed[…]

In the following days i’m going to release a new update. The update will contain several new features for the RSS Section. First feature is ready already and you can see now where the RSS’s posts have been published successfully and where not. The new feature displays in a list the social networks, account and published status. In the video bellow you can watch how can be used the new RSS’s feature: The next RSS’s feature will be support for images.