Midrub has now a new bot which allows to automatically retweet your tweets. The bot provides a list with all available twitter accounts, you can select each account, and for each account you can select a list with accounts which will retweet automatically all new published tweets. The bot don’t requires any configuration, just select the accounts to retweet the tweets published from another account.

Twilos is the last Midrub’s bot. With this bot you can easily find new friends on Twitter. Twilos allows you to search friend by using any keyword in any language. Once you’ve found users, you have the button to save search. Then the Manage button, will allow you to manage the search. First of all, you have to select one of your Twitter account connected on Twitter. Then you can enable the option to follow all found people or unfollow them. You can do that automatically or you have the tab Users, where you can see the users and follow or unfollow them manually. The tab Statistics displays the real time statistics about followed/unfollowed and users in the search. You[…]