In this update was changed/create a lot of files and update from admin is not possible. I’ve created a new documentation from scratch where i’ve explained all steps how to update Midrub.

New features:

  • New design.
  • New icons
  • Midrub Apps.
  • Multimedia gallery with DropBox Support.
  • Activities page.
  • Pixabay search and download.
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Multiple photos are supported now for Twitter and Facebook

Was improved

  • Planner(is same planner which uses Hotsuite).
  • Insights
  • Comments moderation
  • Posts History
  • Increased the speed by limiting the sql queries
  • Now the CSS is well optimized like the new javascript files
  • Bootstrap 4 andĀ Font Awesome 5

New design was created based on suggestions. Midrub will be changed a lot in the following months and will look soo professionally like Hootsuite and other big companies.

Midrub Apps are really useful because now each Midrub’s section will be an app with its javascript/css files, models, controllers, ajax functions, options for admin, options for user, options for plans, widgets for dashboard, activities types for activities page, etc. You will be able to add new features in Midrub and avoid to lost them after update.

Multimedia gallery creates a cover for each uploaded photo/video and displays them as photo/video in the planner and in the gallery preview. By clicking on cover you will see original. The multimedia gallery is based on the plan’s storage limit. Same multimedia gallery was added even for the Emails section. Dropbox allows to import videos/photos from the Dropbox’s user account. Pixabay allows to search and download photos. Google Drive wasn’t added because the gallery picker opens a popup under the Midrub’s multimedia galler popup.

Activities page allows to see the published posts, comments and will be integrated wiith each new apps added in Midrub. I will add later filters too. Team’s owner can see what have published his team’s members.

Dashboard widgets for now are only of the posts apps, but i december will be added a page in admin where you will drag and drop widgets for each plan. You will decide which widgets will see each user. Widgets now are imported directly from the apps. If you want, you can create even now your widgets.

Planner now allows to see the posts preview and has a quick scheduler. If the post has a video, will be displayed the video’s cover. If you have enabled the groups, will not displayed the group, but if there are accounts will be displayed the social networks(max 7). I will add schedulling by days in the next month. Now you can do that with Posts Planner, but i will add a more user friendly and easy to use way.

I’ve added dynamic way to display Insights’s features. Like for posts posting, you can create or custom the existing classes and you will see insights for wanted social networks. My way allows me to add insights support for another social network in several hours. From the class is possible to decide if the if the insights, comments or reactions.

  • Comments moderation allows to reply to comments, delete comments and create new comments on the published posts or posts from your account.
  • Posts History has now a more intuitive way to see the posts contents, status and will be displayed soon errors if a post wasn’t published.

The new update will be released today but is better to use it for testing because i didn’t finished to add small changes. Another reason is i’m going to move Networks in Posts where will be a single button with popup and the social networks will be like on Buffer, but with a instructions for each social network. I will release another update in a week were will be new accounts connection, multilanguage picker in the settings page, youtube, twitter and linkedin insights + comments moderation. But the most important will be solution for all your reported bugs in this week.

From today i will release several litle updates per day from admin as soon as you will report a bug.

The apps will allow me to add easily new features in Midrub and for the next month i’m planning to develop 3 apps: Facebook Messenger with automatizations, Twillio support with Whatsapp and Inteligent Planner which will be optionally.

Please remember, after this update you have to enable from admin -> apps the apps dashboard and posts. Without user panel will not work. As i said this update is for testing. I’m alone and i need help to identify the bugs.